about this site

Kindness is spreading. In this time of crisis, people everywhere are performing incredible acts of courage on behalf of others: first responders, hospital workers, grocery clerks, delivery drivers and mail carriers, transit employees, police and fire personnel, and all those who are tasked with protecting our health, safety, and wellbeing have emerged as heroes, risking their lives for others every day on the front lines of COVID-19.

But battling this pandemic isn’t just the responsibility of skilled professionals. It’s down to all of us – individuals, families, businesses. And people everywhere are stepping up to answer the call, whether by sewing face masks for under-supplied hospitals, fundraising for struggling businesses, delivering food to elderly community members, or finding a way to simply spread some joy to others. This is the other face of the kindness pandemic: everyday people devoting their energy, ingenuity, and whatever they have at hand to helping others, rather than just waiting this thing out and hoping for the best. This site is a place to pay tribute to them, and to help spread the spirit of kindness and generosity we all depend on now more than ever before. So if you’ve been inspired by someone who’s putting some much-needed goodness into the world, share their story here and help spread that generous spirit around.